No Call Program

The Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act directs the Mississippi Public Service Commission to promulgate regulations and to compile and maintain a "No Call List." The list consists of telephone numbers of Mississippi residential, cellular, and business telephone subscribers who seek to reduce unwanted telephone solicitations and scam calls. 

The Caller ID Anti-Spoofing Act also provides a tool for the Public Service Commission to fight fraudulent and misleading “spoofing” of the telephone number that appears on caller ID when one receives an incoming call. While certain uses of “spoofing” technology is completely legitimate, “spoofing” is often associated with fraudulent purposes.

Both laws, working together, prohibit those attempting to sell consumer goods and services, collect charitable donations, perpetrate scams, or obtain anything of value from Mississippi businesses and consumers by telephone or text message from calling telephone numbers that appear on the "No Call List."

However, there are some exemptions provided for by the Legislature in the Act. These exemptions are detailed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

Businesses and consumers who continue to receive unwanted telemarketing or fraudulent scam calls or text messages may file a complaint with the Public Service Commission in writing, over the telephone, using the Mississippi NoCall App, or via this website. 

If you don't want to register online, alternate means of registration may be found under the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).