A. The Mississippi No Call Program is a list of residential, cellular and business telephone subscribers who wish to reduce the number of telephone solicitations they receive.  This list is maintained and updated by the Mississippi Public Service Commisssion (MSPSC),
A. The No Call Program is available to telephone subscribers in Mississippi. 

A. Subscribers may register with the Mississippi Public Service Commission by:

  • Going to the Subscriber Page of the NoCall website
  • calling the toll free number: 1-86NOCALLMS (1-866-622-5567) and registering via telephone.

Registration by either of these two methods will become effective based on the eligibility table. 

Residential Subscribers may also register by either:

  • Printing the Subscriber Registration Form, completing it and mailing it to the MSPSC at the address listed below
  • Call the MSPSC at 1-86NOCALLMS (1-866-622-5567), select your district from the menu, request that a Subscriber Registration Form be mailed to you, complete the form and mail it to the address below:

Mississippi Public Service Commission
Mississippi No Call Program
P.O. Box 1174
Jackson, Mississippi 39215-1174


To file a paper complaint, download Subscriber Complaint Form.  Mail this form to the address above.

Note:  Registration by mail will cause some delay in having your name placed on the list.

    A. The answer will depend upon the date you register. Please see the table below. 
    If You Register in the Month Of:The List is Effective and 
    Complaints May Be Filed
    on or After:
    JanuaryMarch 1
    FebruaryApril 1
    MarchMay 1
    AprilJune 1
    MayJuly 1
    JuneAugust 1
    JulySeptember 1
    AugustOctober 1
    SeptemberNovember 1
    OctoberDecember 1
    NovemberJanuary 1
    DecemberFebruary 1


    Each credit card transaction will have the following fees: (total purchase amount +$2.00 eGovernment transaction fee) x 2.2% processing fee


    Each ACH/eCheck transaction will have the following fees: total purchase amount + $2.00 eGovernment transaction fee + $0.25 processing fee


    The following payment methods will be accepted:

    • VISA

    • MasterCard

    • American Express

    • Discover

    • ACH/eCheck