Submit the following

  1. Completed and notarized Telephonic Solicitor Registration Application
  2. $1000 Fee payment in the form of certified/cashier’s check or money order. The registration fee covers a twelve month period, July through June. There are no credits given for partial year registrations.
  3. $50,000 Surety Bond payable to the Mississippi Public Service Commission.
  4. Completed Contracted Company forms (if applicable). Additional $500.00 for each contracted company in excess of two.
  5. A file containing all outgoing telephone numbers used for telemarketing calls to comply with RP28 100.6.c of the Rules Implementing the Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act.
    • The file must be a plain text file containing a single column of records with one line per record.
    • Each record in the file must have the following layout: federal tax-id,telephone number; for example, 99-0000000,9998887777; if there are foreign telephone numbers please include the country code.
    • The telephone number(s) must be all digits without dashes or spaces, e.g. 9998887777.
    • Non-text files, e.g. Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF, will be returned as unacceptable
  6. Email the file to A printed list of all telemarketing sites from which calls are made; to include the site’s physical address, mailing address, and names and contact information for two supervisors with the capacity to answer complaints and inquiries.
  7. Completed affidavit to comply with RP28 100.6.d.